We’ve all been to weddings where the kids run wild, there are lots of tears and it’s chaos. It’s a very personal choice whether or not you want to invite children, and which children you want to include so here are some tips for having kids at your wedding.

      If  you do invite children is to think of the flow of the day and how you want them to be involved. Are they part of the wedding party, will they be there all day, just the ceremony or into the reception. Will there be a “head to bed” time? Figuring all of this out ahead of time will make the wedding day smoother for everyone involved.

      bride and groom holding hands with the baby flower girl

      bride dancing with flower girl

      Flower girls and ring bearers tips:

      • Have outfits that they like and are comfortable in. If they are younger consider having a second outfit to wear after the ceremony.
      • Have them attend the rehearsal and practice. Having kids walk together or a backup plan with a grownup in case they get stage fright on the wedding day can help the day go smoothly.
      • Have a designated person to take care of them during the ceremony.
      • It’s helpful to have a plan for the group photos so the kids don’t have to wait and getting those photos done quickly can prevent meltdowns.flower girls during group photosflower girl during the wedding
      • flower girl in the aisle during the ceremony

      Ceremony tips:

      There are lots of ways to include children in your ceremony even if they are not part of the bridal party. Most children love having a special job. A few tips and options for having kids at your wedding.

      • Children doing readings is a popular option.
      • Older more outgoing children might want to sing a special song
      • Handing out wedding programs to guests before the ceremony is a great job for children.
      • To include your own children or your partner’s children in the ceremony you could have them help lighting the unity candle, or as part of a sand ceremony.
      • You could also ask the officiant or priest to mention their names during the ceremony to make them feel extra special.
      • If you are having a special exit you could have the kids hand out bubbles, sparklers, confetti….
      • flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle
      • flower girl on the dance floor

      Reception tips for having kids at your wedding:

      • Have kid friendly food, high chairs for younger kids and a kids table for the older kids.
      • Provide fun favors for kids to take with them and also to play with at the reception,
      • To keep the kids entertained throughout the night give them their own area. Set up a few tables with coloring books, crayons, games, Lego’s and small toys. Set tables up at a few places around the reception so they are in the room.
      • You could set a separate room with movies, games, crafts or a kid dance party.
      • A photo booth with fun props for kids will keep them entertained as well.kids dancing during the receptionflower girl laying on the dance floor during the reception
      • kids dancing with hula hoops on the dance floor at a wedding
      • kids playing with props at a photo booth at a wedding

      Whatever you decide it’s important to work out the details and to talk with everyone involved about expectations.


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