It is so much fun to photograph a destination wedding in Las Vegas! Walking around the strip is like a being a kid in a candy store. Plus getting to spend some time at Red Rock was amazing! The light was so beautiful and I loved the mountains. I’m sure people feel the same way when they visit Minnesota with all of the trees and lakes but it’s great to be somewhere new.

      I always find it interesting to hear the perspective of the couple about their wedding.

      As told by Olivia

      Why did you decide to get married in Las Vegas?

      After almost eloping in the fall due to the cost restraints, we changed our minds. It didn’t feel right without our friends and family. We loved the place so much that we planned our wedding at the same hotel that we stayed at during our spur of the moment trip. We chose the date to honor the anniversary of my brothers’ death. To celebrate him we brought his favorite stuffed animal and had touches throughout the day to remember.

      What were some of the challenges of planning a destination wedding?

      Planning a destination wedding (let alone in 3 months!) is not for the faint of heart. Now granted, my destination wedding was in Las Vegas so it is better than most places for an expedited wedding.I have a unique perspective compared to most when it comes to planning a wedding, as I spent two years as the owner of my own wedding and event planning business. Though I had helped many women plan many details of their own weddings, it was very different when it came to my own celebration. It was also my first experience with anything that wasn’t local.

      I don’t think I ever would have chosen destination if it wasn’t somewhere that I had been before. We saw so little of Las Vegas while we were there the first time still had a point of reference in terms of where things were.  I think I would have felt too much anxiety and uncertainty if I had been planning the same ceremony without our sightseeing venture the prior September. wedding party in front of the Flamingo in Las Vegas

      What was your favorite part about having a destination wedding?

      One thing that I loved was how intimate the group that came was. It was all very close friends and family. It was nice to spend such a fun weekend together. With a group of only 25 people it was much easier for people to make new connections. We loved being able to have fun times in a different city with people we might not normally find ourselves on vacation with.  Las Vegas offered so many opportunities for our guests to truly make a trip for themselves out of the weekend, while still celebrating with us. My aunts all went out together for a girls night.  Some friends who had never been to Vegas before stayed a few days extra exploring the city together. It was a very fun and enjoyable weekend with friends and family for us!

      My favorite part of the weekend will always be our glamorous photo shoot in the desert. We had the opportunity to go to a breathtakingly beautiful spot that was so different than our climate or life back home in Minneapolis. The trip to red rock allowed us a few hours to step into this magical art filled moment that captured an ethereal dream.


      Wedding Dress-Flutter

      Bridesmaid Dresses-Rent the Runway

      Ceremony-The Flamingo

      Reception-Aria Hotel