Sophie and Zalman’s wedding was going to be at the beautiful Hutton House but because of Covid-19 they had to change their plans. The choice they and other couples face right now is postpone your wedding to have the celebration that you originally planned or if you keep your date how do you manage the restrictions to keep everyone safe and still celebrate your marriage. Instead of the big wedding they switched to an intimate wedding at their Rabbi’s house.  They celebrated with  just a few close family members, some guests watching from afar, a couple of minivans of friends and of course many friends on Zoom.

      Jewish bride and groom after the ceremony

      How did you meet and fall in love?

      Funny enough about three years back I was “dating” his friend whom I met on a dating app. I HATED the guy, but one day when this friend was video chatting me, Zalman, my husband, happened to be in the car and took one look at me and said “Lets be best friends. I am going to add you on Snapchat.” After two and a half years of talking off and on, he decided to fly to NY to meet me and take the 27 hour road trip with me back to Minnesota. Like they say, the rest is history. 🙂

      What is your engagement story?

      I went to Florida to meet his family. It was his sister-in-laws birthday so he told me we were going over there for cake and so I could meet her and his oldest brother. He asked me to grab a cake from their garage and meet him inside. The cake said “Will you go to the ohel with me?” Which is a typical place that Chabad Jews get engaged officially at. Then when I got inside the house, it was decorated with candles and rose petals and said on the floor “Sophie will you marry me?”

      How did it feel to have to change all of your plans because of Covid 19

      Honestly, I know a lot of other couples who struggled through it. For me, I was relieved in many ways that we could just push up the wedding, get married, and start our lives together!

      Thoughts leading up to your wedding day?

      “Woah I can’t believe it’s happening already!” We still had three months until the original date.

      How did it feel to marry each other?

      Amazing. Just knowing we didn’t have to be apart or do long distance anymore since I was in NY for the year and he was in FL.

      What was your favorite part of the day?

      Going home after the tiny ceremony and just getting to sit down with my husband!

      What is each of your favorite images from your wedding? What makes it your favorite?

      We both giggle at the ones of him with a big grin on his face under the chuppah, for sure. But we really love the pictures of just the two of us, smiling and enjoying each other. Getting pictures of everything going on around us are cherished also (i.e. the ones with masks and hand sanitizer, etc.) just really emphasize the symbols of having a Covid-19 wedding.


      Jewish bride and groom exchanging rings under the chuppah during their covid-19 wedding in Minneapolis


      Is there anything that you would change?

      Of course we wish his family could have been there, but it was out of our control. Other than that, nope!

      What is your best advice to anyone planning a Covid-19 wedding right now? Having to change their plans?

      My best advice to anyone planning a wedding or needing to change their original plans is simple: we live in a time where the world is crazy. No one expects to plan a Covid-19 wedding. Forget about the crazy bouquets, fancy bridesmaids gowns, million dollar food – just really truly remember why you’re marrying the person you love and you don’t need all the materialistic things.

      Jewish bride praying before her covid-19 wedding in minneapols

      Jewish bride in a veil waiting for her covid-19 wedding in minneapolis

      Jewish bride talking on Zoom

      Rabbi outside of the Chabad waiting to preform the covid-19 wedding in Minneapolis

      Jewish groom using hand sanitizer before his Covid-19 wedding

      A toast before the Covid-19 wedding

      Jewish groom before his Covid-19 wedding

      Father of the bride outside during the engagement ceremony before the Covid-19 wedding in Minneapolis


      Jewish bride and groom under the chuppah during their covid-19 wedding in minneapolis

      Jewish guests sitting in cars to watch the covid-19 wedding

      Jewish couple talking to family on Zoom after their Covid-19 wedding

      Any other thoughts?

      Emmerlee, you rock. I’m still waiting on you to tell me where I can write a great review for you! It meant the world to us that you didn’t bail when everyone else did. You were our ray of sunshine in a dark and difficult week leading up to the actual ceremony. THANK YOU!

      Jewish bride and groom in Minneapolis after their Covid-19 wedding


      Ceremony: Chabad UofM