When I first met Sasha and we talked about her Harry Potter wedding I was so excited to be part of it! I have always loved fairy tales, magic and all things that explore love and the power of good and evil. We have been Harry Potter fans since the beginning! The first year the book came out we got a copy from England and we were transported into the world of Harry Potter. I spent much time waiting in line at the book store to buy the newest book or see the movies at midnight the first night they came out.

      Harry Potter wedding in St Paul Minnesota


      I mean the bride was dressed in her Slytherin green and the groom in Hufflepuff yellow! Magic wands instead of flowers! Dumbledore officiating! House color smoke bomb wedding party photos. So many fun details that Sasha put together. It really was a magical wedding!

      As told by Sasha

      How did you meet and fall in love?

      We met through my sister. I fell in love with Levi the first time we went swing dancing at the Wabasha street caves.

      bride and groom at the Wabasha Caves

      How did you choose your venue?

      We chose our venue because it was the first time I fell in love with Levi. It worked perfectly for our Harry Potter Wedding!

      wedding party for the Harry Potter wedding with everyone dressed in house colors

      Thoughts leading up to your wedding day?

      Last minute preparations and details. Trying to contain the excitement.

      What was your favorite part of the day?

      The first look! Having Levi see me for the first time since the day before and seeing his face made me so happy. The ceremony was also my favorite. It was so magical!

      What is each of your favorite images from your wedding?

      Levi’s favorite picture is the first look pictures. The one where we both can be seen in the picture .My favorite pictures are the ones in the back part of the caves.

      bride and groom doing their first look on the staircase at the St Paul Hotel in Minnesota

      harry potter wedding at the Wabasha Caves in St paul

      Is there anything that you would change?

      More pictures of just the two of us and portraits.

      What is your best advice to anyone planning a wedding?

      Stay organized and start planning early. Savor every minute of it because it goes by so fast!

      harry potter wedding with the bride dressed in Slytherin green

      Bride getting her hairs sprayed while getting ready

      Harry Potter wedding in St Paul Minnesota

      bride looking out the window at the St Paul Hotel

      bride looking at herself in the mirror at the St Paul hotel

      Harry Potter wedding bride and groom with magic wands in Rice Park

      Harry Potter wedding in St Paul Minnesota

      Hufflepuff groom and Slytherin bride dueling with magic wands

      Harry Potter wedding with Dumbledore officiating

      Harry Potter wedding in St Paul Minnesota

      Harry Potter wedding unbreakable vows

      Harry Potter wedding at Wabasha Caves in St Paul

      Harry Potter wedding

      Harry Potter wedding

      Back lit smoke bombs at a Harry Potter wedding








      Getting ready: The St Paul Hotel

      Hair&Makeup: Keely Frisvold with War Paint

      Venue: Wabasha Street Caves

      Whatever your dream for your wedding is I would love to hear it! Let’s chat!