Michelle and Eric’s Nicollet Island Pavilion wedding had everything! Wonderful people including their dog Chicory. Possibly the best sunset ever, which led to an epic portait! A great father daughter dance and to end the evening, an ice cream truck! Also Michelle is a synchronized swimmer and after the wedding I got to photograph her coaching team underwater!

      I’ve started asking my couples some questions about themselves and their weddings. It has been great information for me and hopefully all my future couples will benefit from their stories.

      As told by Michelle

      How did you meet and fall in love?

      It’s hard to pick an exact moment. We were friends before dating. Eric and I dated for 10 years before getting married ,so by that point, it became a joke for everyone of why we took so much time. As a couple we went through so much together!  From high school, to going to different colleges (3 hours apart), then living in separate rentals in Minneapolis, and finally living together while raising an adopted dog. Each phase of our lives was unique and always a treat to see what adventures we were capable of doing next. In simplest terms, we have been in love for a long time, but that doesn’t stop us from finding something new to fall in love with even today.

      How did you choose your venue?

      We toured a bunch and decided weddings are expensive wherever you go.  We decided to get what we wanted and save in the creative ways so we did a Friday wedding. Showcasing the Minneapolis city  was important. Many of our friends were from out of town and hadn’t experienced this area.  And we love the outdoors so we wanted to have an outdoor wedding with the option to go inside. We ended up going with Nicollet Island Pavilion- they had all the elements we wanted.

      Thoughts leading up to your wedding day?

      We were both stressed leading up to our wedding day- we both were ready for the day to come so we didn’t have to plan and organize any more. Ha!

      What was your favorite part of the day?

      The reception:) We loved seeing everyone come together and have such a good time. We also really liked the after party with our close friends- we went to a dueling piano bar and had a private area for our close friends. It was a good chance to actually talk and relax and not feel like we did not need to be responsible for anything. (Plus the ice cream truck!)

      What is each of your favorite images from your wedding? What makes it your favorite?

      There are so many!! Although we loved the picture of ourselves, I think some of our favorite has been the candid ones of our friends and family that captured the essence of the day. The emotions are so genuine on everyone’s face, something you can’t plan for.There is one where my sister is standing with our dog chicory up with all the other bridesmaids. And Chicory is looking back at Melissa with the most adoring look on her face.

      There is also one with Mike our 6’8”  300lb groomsmen belly laughing at one of the jokes during the reception- it perhaps one of the most joyful pictures I have ever seen.

      groomsman laughing during speeches at wedding

      Is there anything that you would change?

      No, not really, because everything that happened makes up the memory of “our wedding.” I didn’t want our wedding to be perfect, I just wanted everyone to be happy and have a good time and I really think that is what happened.

      What is your best advice to anyone planning a wedding?

      Remember to enjoy the moment. It goes by quick and its easy to get stressed in the moment. Know that all of your friends and family are there to support your marriage and so they will make sure that everything comes together. The day of, it’s not the bride and groom’s job, it’s their job just to embrace and enjoy the day:)

      For me Nicollet Island Pavilion has moved up to be one of my favorite venues in Minneapolis! In 2020 I will have the privilege to photograph Eric’s sisters wedding. I can’t wait to see everyone again and to photograph Kjersten and Ian’s wedding!

      Bride Groom and Dog at Nicollet Island Wedding Bride reading vows to Groom at Nicollet Island Wedding It wa



      Hair&Makeup: Nicole Fae

      Getting ready: Nicollet Island Inn

      Cake: Hyvee bakery

      Wedding & Reception: Nicollet Island Pavilion

      Ice Cream Truck: Big Bell Ice Cream Company