It’s so much fun to look back on the underwater highlights of the year! I learn more about the water, materials and how to work with people every year. I become more intrigued with how the fabric moves and color changes in the water. Every time I see a cool dress I wonder how it will look underwater!  I mean really it’s a girl’s dream to have a huge collection of wedding and prom dresses. This is the first year that I’ve had men in the pool! More mermaids, two contortionists, a couple of mother’s with their daughters and many more talented creative people!

      The wedding dress:

      A friend saw an old wedding dress at a sale and saved it for me. It would have been a mess for a bride but a dream underwater! It goes along the whole length of the pool and weighs a ton but so beautiful!

      bride in a layered wedding dress underwater

      tattooed bride in a layered wedding dress with a rhinestone bodice underwater

      girl in a multi layered wedding dress underwater

      woman in a wedding dress reflected in the water like a butterfly


      I love the beauty and artistry of mermaid tails! I had two lovely mermaids this summer.

      yellow and bl mermaid tail underwater

      woman in yellow and black mermaid tail underwater

      woman in a green and red mermaid tail underwater

      woman in a red and green mermaid tail surrounded by bubbles underwater

      woman in green and red mermaid tail sitting on the bottom of a pool

      Mother and daughter portraits:

      This year I photographed two mothers with their daughters. One was also her underwater maternity session. Adding a second person to the portrait is much more challenging underwater!

      mother and daughter wearing red dresses underwater

      woman in red with her daughter wearing a tulle ballet skirt underwater

      black and white image of a pregnant woman wearing white lace

      I love kids underwater! They make the best faces.

      girl wrapped in pink chifforn underwater

      tattooed pregnant woman in a red skirt

      nude pregnant woman with white lace fabric in the shape of a butterfly

      This is the first year that I’ve photogrpahed me underwater. Cade is a fantastic musician and brought an old microphone. Leo is a burlesque perfromer and contortionist. His boyfriend Adam came in the water with him.

      man dressed in white holding a microphone underwater

      gay couple wearing red and white underwater

      two gay men wearing black with red fabric holding hands underwater


      My friend Sweetpea brought a few of her burlesque pals along for an underwater session. ZyraLee, Shimmy and Jeez Loueez as well as Sweetpea regularily make the top 50 burlesque performers in the country! It’s such an honor to work with them!

      woman with black hair wearing a purple dress underwater

      black woman wearing a green dress underwater

      black woman in a blue patterned dress underwater

      black burlesqu perfomer wearing a red dress

      Jeeze Louise wearing a white dress

      Alyssa is a fantastic videographer and photographer as well as a dancer! I love creativity she brings every time that we work together. Her boyfriend made a pole for us to take underwater.

      woman with blond hair wearing a purple dress on a pole

      girl in a hot pink dress doning the splits

      I met so many other wonderful creative people this summer! I marvel at their grace and beauty underwater!

      girl in a yellow dress that looks like the dress from Beauty and the Beast

      smiling woman in a pink dress with her toes peeking out

      girl in a pink and white skirt

      woman in a green dress reflected in the top of the water

      woman in a hot pink patterned dress holding the edges

      girl in a purple dress below refected bubbles

      asian girl in a light lavender chiffon dress

      girl in a pink dress with red lips

      girl in a blue sparkly prom dress

      a girl in a blue dress and a girl in a purple dress underwater together

      blond girl in a navy blue dress

      woman with tarot cards wearing a pink and white skirt and floral crown

      Grace is also a makeup artist. If you want makeup for your session she is my go to makeup artist.

      woman in vintage wedding dress underwater

      I met Michelle at a restaurant. She was wearing the most gorgeous dress and I commented how great it would look underwater.

      blond girl in a purple prom dress

      Bright hair:

      Vibrant colored hair is so dramatic underwater! I may need to add some wigs (for those that don’t have it naturally) to my wardrobe room.


      woman with pink and blue hair wearing a pink prom dress underwater

      woamn with bright pink hair wearing a green sparkly dress

      girl with bright pink hair wearing a light purple dress

      girl with rainbow colored hair in a blue dress

      woman in a white flowered dress

      woman with bright pink hair wearing a light lavender dress

      One of my favorite sessions this summer was with Cheryl. She is a contortionist and the shapes she could move her body into were gorgeous!

      nude contortionist underwater with a long piece of red fabric

      nude contortionist underwater with a long piece of red fabric

      nude contortionist underwater with a long piece of red fabric

      Alyxandra has the prettiest tattoos and vintage lingerie.

      tattooed woman in a red skirt underwater that looks like a fornasetti painting

      tattooed woman wearing vintage lingerie underwater

      It was fun  to look back and see the underwater highlights of 2018! I would love to hear about your ideas for an underwater session! Let’s chat!