I love the look of tattoos underwater! People get a tattoo for different reasons. Some people get them for the art or as a memorial. Some get them as a way to express their personality and passions. And some get them just because they look pretty. I love the beauty of them and especially underwater. The reflections on top of the water are especially interesting. I have had gotten to work with several incredible artists that have gorgeous tattoos!

      Angela is a makeup artist that I’ve worked with several times and when she was over doing some underwater makeup for me I talked her into going underwater. She’s done a couple of sessions with me.

      woman with tattoo underwater with a white tulle dress

      black and white image of a woman with tattoos underwater

      woman in a pink dress with her toes peeping out

      Alyxandra collects vintage lingerie and has the most fantastic tattoos.  vintage lingerie and tattoos underwater

      My skirt collection went well with her lingerie collection. I love how the colors and layers add to the composition. I definitely need to add some bustier tops to pair with the skirts.

      There is this great Italian artist name Fornasetti! He created 500 versions of the same face. Alyxandra has a face that reminds me of that art, especially in the reflection.

      underwater image of a fornasetti face

      woman in purple lingerie in an underwater photo session in St Paul

      When I do underwater sessions people usually pick dresses from my huge dress collection. Kitty brought her own outfit including a mask. I love the combo of hot pink and yellow!

      female in hot pink and yellow wearing a mask underwater

      woman wearing yellow lingerie underwater with a hot pink wrap

      woman underwater with yellow hair in Minneapolis

      This image is one of my favorites. I love the pink sunglasses and Kitty’s tattoos look so great!

      In addition to showing off her gorgeous tattoos her hair was amazing underwater! I love the way the colors work with the reflection and that the pink looks like a flower.

      pink and blue hair in a pink dress underwater

      I’ve started adding some patterned dresses to the collection and worked so well with Mackenzie’s tattoos.

      One of the great things about my pool is that I have a private back and the ultimate way to show off your tattoos is being nude underwater.

      I’d love to hear your ideas for your own session, lets chat!