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The Fvck Knights at 7th Street Entry

“When you’ve been around for a while and you’ve created, essentially, a brand, that has a certain level of expectation. And it encourages you to not color outside the lines if you pay too much attention to what you expect that fan base wants from you. I think many, many artists have suffered an artistic death by doing just that”-Trent Reznor

My friend Jason Medeiros introduces me to some really interesting music and bands. One of the bands that he plays with is the Fuck Knights . They are described as a lo-fi garage/punk, rock&roll band. Last year they toured Europe with very little money, just traveling around playing music. I admire that willingness to dive in, trust that things will go okay, wing it and let things unfold as they will. I think it is one of those things that is really hard when you are in the middle of the tour, figuring things out day to day, but after it’s done you’ve had these interesting experiences and stories.  They liked it so much they are going back again. Right now they are doing shows and selling merchandise to raise money for their next Eropean tour.If you want to help them out you can donate to their tour and get their cd here.





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