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Skydiving with the Stella’s crew


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go “T.S Elliot”

A group from Stella’s got together to go skydiving. The GM wanted someone to jump with a lobster so he could use the tagline “our lobster is flown in fresh daily”. It was decided that jumping with a live lobster was probably a bad idea, but there was a nice plastic one that rode in the plane a few times but I don’t think made it on a jump. I have never had the desire to jump out of a plane but thought it would be fun to photograph (I’ll do most things if I think I can get a good shot). I ended up going up in the plane 4 times to photograph them jumping out. As soon as the last person was out the pilot would dive straight down to pick up the next group. Not quite the same as jumping but still an adventure.  I had to wear a parachute just in case the plane was going to crash and had to sit by the pilot belted in, so couldn’t get the shot that I really wanted.  I think I may try it at some point just to have the experience, but want to make sure I get to have a camera strapped to my head!



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