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The Peacock Cabaret Burlesque show at The Bryant Lake Bowl

“Ignore the critics… Only mediocrity is safe from ridicule. Dare to be different!”

―Dita Von Teese

I met a photographer named PreFlash Gordon at a roller derby bout that we were both photographing. We were talking about his experience with derby and he asked if I had ever photographed burlesque shows. He kindly introduced me to a few of his friends that are burlesque performers. These women are sexy, brave, entertaining, beautiful and completely comfortable in their skin!
Imagine Carol Burnett meets Lawrence Welk…in the Red Light District! THE PEACOCK CABARET is a bawdy, beautiful, bigger-than-life variety show featuring live music and your favorite burlesque luminaries!
HOSTED BY: Gina Louise
Ophelia Flame
Elektra Cute-Cuete
Karen Vieno Paurus, Dave Michael & The Meteor Boys
MusetteThe MistressOmischief
Mona Montague
The Peacock Showgirls
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