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It’s a Wubba Wedding : Justine & Jay


Singing “Wubba wubba wubba wubba woo woo woo”
Wubba wubba wubba and a doodly do
Wubba wubba wubba you can join in too
Wubba wubba wubba wubba wubba wubba
Yes, if you wubba me then I will wubba you
If you wubba me then I will wubba you

Going wubba wubba wubba is the thing to do
Everytime you wubba us we’ll wubba you

Chorus from “Monster in the Mirror”

Justine and Jay invited their family and friends to their “engagement” party. Little did anyone know they were actually getting married!!! The day went something like this……

 Jay:  (Making a toast) Thank you so much for being here to celebrate our engagement today.  We are so happy some of our closest friends and family could join us.  We have some exciting news, we plan to close on our new house!  AND, as I am sure most of you are dying to hear about, we have news about the wedding.  You know me and planning…  I would just marry you now if I could. However, the date to save is…..

Tim:  Married?!?  Did someone say they’re getting married?

Jay:  Yeah…

Justine:  Who are you?

Tim:  Well, I’m Pastor Gunderson from theLutheranChurch down the road.  If you two are serious, I can marry you right here!

Justine:  Marry us here?  Today?!?

Jay:  But aren’t we supposed to be in a big church?

Justine:  Yeah, I want big doors I can come thru!

Jay:  And, we haven’t even talked to a caterer…

Justine: ….not to mention booked a super ritzy place for the reception.

Jay:  We still have to get addresses and invitations printed for 150 family, friends and all those other people we are obligated to invite.

Justine:  Jay, it’s more like 300…. (They look at each other)

Jay and Justine:  Let’s do it!

Tim:  Well, Let me just get my Pastor’s uniform on. (Puts on the collar).  Done.

Jay:  Wubba, we’re getting married right now!

Justine:  I know!  Holy barracuda, I gotta find something to wear!!!! Luckily there is aMarshall’s next door.  See you when we’re married! (Kisses Jay on cheek and exits to restroom to change). 

Cast:  (Sung softly-slowly, with tears)  (Grover sings first stanza) Wubba, wubba, wubba, wubbba, woo woo woo, (cast joins in w/ puppets) wubba, wubba, wubba and a doodely-do. (Music comes in, gaining momentum) Wubba, wubba, wubba and we sang along!!!!  Cause wubba, wubba, wubba’s Jay and Justine’s song! Wubba, wubba, wubba’s Jay and Justine’s song!!!











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