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Girls Rock n Roll Retreat-Week 1


“The most powerful thing you can do as a woman in music is be authentic.”- Shirley Manson, Garbage

GRRR mission statement -“To empower girls through the art of music.

It has been a fantastic week at Girls Rock n Roll Retreat. This camp is for girls 8-16. They have a choice of vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar or drums as a focus. On the first day they are matched and put into groups to form a new band. They have the week to come together, write 2 or more original songs and at end of the week perform those songs in front of their family and friends at O’Gara’s in St. Paul. In addition to music lessons in their chosen area of focus and band practice, they have workshops in media literacy, social activism, self defense and art. There are performances every day from the camp mentors and other local female musicians.

The goal of this camp is to give girls a place where they are:

* are able to express themselves creatively through music…
* create community, where they support each other and learn to work together…
* see positive role models and support for their creative endeavors…
* are nurtured in a supportive, inclusive space where they can develop their self-confidence and rock out…
* can help create social change to help achieve a more positive image of girls and women in the media, our culture and the world!

Each of the newly created bands performed at least 2 original songs. As the camp director so aptly put it there are new songs in the world that didn’t exist before these fabulous creative girls came together to write and perform them this week. It was so much fun to watch these amazingly talented girls and document this week with them.

If you would like to see all of the photos from the  week, they are here. They are available to purchase and all of the money will be donated to GRRR to support their programs. If you prefer to purchase digital files you can email me at info@emmerlee.com

The bands this week are Jumpstart, Vicious Regrets, Breaking Chains, Code Yellow, Sisters Not Misters, R.A.W.K. (Really Awesome Wild Kids) and Can’t Touch Us.







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