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Erin & Jason’s Enchanted Barn Wedding|Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” -Edgar Allan Poe

Erin and Jason got married at a beautiful venue out in the country.   We had done their engagement session at a different barn the Erin had a connection to, but it was too small to have their wedding.  We had their adorable dog at the engagement session and I was hoping Piper would be the flower dog! The kids were pretty cute as a substitute. Erin found the Enchanted Barn which was also beautiful.  It’s one of those places that you wish you had all day to play with the bride and groom!  And the kind of day that flies by because it’s so much fun. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been the sun, though we got lucky and the rain held off all day.2014-09-16_0001PINME2014-09-16_0002PINME2014-09-16_0003PINME2014-09-16_0004PINME2014-09-16_0005PINME2014-09-16_0006PINME2014-09-16_0007PINME2014-09-16_0008PINME2014-09-16_0009PINME2014-09-16_0010PINME2014-09-16_0011PINME2014-09-16_0012PINME2014-09-16_0013PINME2014-09-16_0014PINME2014-09-16_0015PINME2014-09-16_0016PINME2014-09-16_0017PINME2014-09-16_0018PINME2014-09-16_0019PINME2014-09-16_0020PINME2014-09-16_0021PINME2014-09-16_0022PINME2014-09-16_0023PINME2014-09-16_0024PINME2014-09-16_0025PINME2014-09-16_0026PINME2014-09-16_0027PINME2014-09-16_0028PINME2014-09-16_0029PINME2014-09-16_0030PINME2014-09-16_0031PINME




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